Dress Code

SPOOKEASY is more than just a Halloween Costume Ball – its a chance to play your part in the whole experience! What look or outfit will help you forget the world for a night and dive into the glittery darkness of SPOOKEASY? Watch our social media channels in the coming weeks for ideas, make-up tips, great ‘costuming-on-the-cheap’ ideas, and fashion/costume tips.

SPOOKEASY Dress Etiquette

20s-30s Era Attire, Bawdy Barbary Coast, Speakeasy Opulence, Glittery Flappers and Feathery Showgirls, Bootleggers, ‘Spooky’ Cartoon Cosplay, “ToonTown” characters, and Classic 30’s era Horror Film. Vintage, Retro, Formal Wear and cocktail dresses are all totally acceptable.

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Spookeasy Style Tips from Gregory Seeley

Hello Friends


I’ve taken a moment to share some costuming and fashion tips for those of you who wish to ‘dress the part.’ Taking the time to assemble your ‘look’ will reward not only you but everyone in attendance! Please take a look at a few tips i’ve gathered here for you folks who wish to dress in late 20’s, Early 30’s Fashion- Be stylish and I’ll see you at SPOOKEASY!


Gregory Seeley
Mr. Nobody's Spookeasy
Mr. Nobody's Spookeasy
Mr. Nobody's Spookeasy
Mr. Nobody's Spookeasy
Mr. Nobody's Spookeasy
Womens 20’s style is rather boxy and enjoys influence from Egypt and the Orient.

High brow: longer ornate dresses with costume jewelry and furs, smoking with a cigarette holder.

Low brow: Flapper dresses and eccentric jewelry, smoking (holder optional).

Mens 20’s style is fitted suits, the fedora becomes popular (although the Homburg is still in style). “Black tie”  replacing “White tie” for evening wear, and really only on more formal occasions.

High brow: fitted suit in a nice pattern “Chalk stripe” or “Window pane” with subtle motif tie, Homburg or Fedora.

Low brow:  suit, grey or navy with patterned subtle pattern, patterned tie, Fedora.



Local places:
City Vintage (Mens and Womens, but you’ll need to request the women’s when you make an appointment, since they primarily display mens).
Decades of Fashion (Mens and Womens)


Online resources:
Fine and Dandy shop (accessories)
Paul Fredrick (not vintage, but good men’s clothes at good prices.)
Savvy Row (Vintage British fashion, mostly men)
Mod Cloth (womens)
Pinterest (men)
Pinterest (women)