The Music

JOLLIGOOD Unlimited - Spookeasy House Band

JOLLIGOOD Unlimited - House band at Spookeasy SF


DJ FACT.50 - Spookeasy SF

A longtime member of the neo-vaudeville/burlesque/cirque scene, DJ FACT.50 specializes in creating atmospheric mixes for a variety of themed events. From the annual Edwardian Ball to the many and varied interactive community projects of Mr. Baron Scott Levkoff, DJ FACT.50 has just the right music for any event.


DJ Jazzy Fox - Spookeasy SF

Jazzy Fox curates and manipulates classic jazz, propelling the past into the future using modern sounds and techniques. His remixes bridge huge generational gaps while both entertaining and educating audiences.

TRAPEZE - Hosts of the Spookeasy Afterlife Afterparty

Trapeze - hosting the afterparty at Spookeasy SF