Director’s note from Spookeasy creator Barron Scott Levkoff

I’ve loved Halloween ever since I can remember. Each Halloween in grade school, they would play Disney’s LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW, always projected in 8mm in the school cafeteria.Walking out of the film to a cool crisp Fall day in New England, I remember Jack-o-lanterns and brilliant fall colors, matching the film perfectly– thrilling me with the anticipation of the upcoming ritual of Trick-or-Treat.

I remember a ‘Hobo Clown’ outfit my mother made for me out of odds and ends–a portent of things to come. (40 years later i still dress as a Hobo Clown– both for business and leisure.) Likewise, I couldn’t get enough of Haunted Houses– though I was terrified of them– the teasing darkness, braving the unknown. The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland still remains my peak moment… I still can’t get enough.

Halloween RULES!

As an event producer, art director, costumed performer, and a lover of spooky things, I have felt for many years that San Francisco deserves a well-produced event– not dangerous, not dime-store, not merely drunken– but a true celebration of that childhood thrill, mixed with all the glorious sinful excess this City holds dear. Imagine: A night where we can get dressed up in Style, among fine company, be treated to incredible performances, gorge on tastiness, surrender to the glittering darkness of a Grand Costume Party, with plenty of places to socialize, dark corners to explore, and surprises everywhere you look!


 Forces are conspiring now to bring together everything I love for four nights of Halloween Bliss. A Dream Team of collaborators, unlike any other I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with, is assembling:  professional Vaudeville circus folks, dancers, musicians, visual artists– simply put, this will be the biggest undertaking to date of my 25-year career .

SPOOKEASY celebrates Max Fleischer’s 1930’s Jazz Era spooky cartoons, early jazz/Big Band music, early Chinatown Noir, Prohibition Speakeasy, Richard Elfman’s THE FORBIDDEN ZONE and other aesthetic inspirations…and of course we’ll turn it all on its head with a 2014 twist! An immersive, narrative world of hilarious & tragic Vaudeville ghosts that roam the ruined opulence of the Historic GREAT STAR THEATER in Chinatown. There are Dark Secrets to be revealed, Fears to be triumphed over and the happy horns of a swingin’ jazzy sound to usher in a Cartoon Underworld dance party!

But shhhhhh…only tell the folks you know would appreciate this – let it be a moonlit whisper on darkly glittering lips… “SPOOKEASY.”

Spooktacularly yours,

Scott Levkoff aka the Professor​


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