The Afterlife with Trapeze

Hosted by Trapeze, the internationally acclaimed electroswing affair

Legend has it...

…that the infamous Trapeze Orchestra was nothing more than a collection of misfit musicians that bandleader Chester Chance had lured into the Great Star Theatre by the bait of their various addictions. Some were beckoned from Harlem’s hypnotic underworld, others from swampy juke joints deep in the Bayou. It’s said that most of the band were shanghaied locally right from the smoky dens of the Barbary Coast just blocks from the theatre itself. Once under Chance’s infectious trance, the orchestra soared night after night, intoxicating jubilant audiences with its sorcerous swing as if the musicians own lives depended on it.

Until one night when they did. Not a single soul from the band is said to have survived the 1932 fire. Many witnesses to the scene even purport to have heard the band’s brass howling eerily deep from within the theatre’s crackling inferno. Over the years since, it’s been no secret to generations of local denizens that Chester Chance’s Trapeze Orchestra still haunts the neighborhood. On a good night you can still hear his band poignantly bellowing from within the walls of the theatre as if eternally incarcerated in the bonfire of that tragic night.